Service Is Love in Expression

Love vibrates in the form of service, charity, generosity and benevolence. Daya is active benevolence. It is the positive expression of love. Ahimsa is the negative expression of love. Passive goodness alone is not sufficient. Active goodness or positive goodness is very essential for one’s spiritual advancement. The aspirant should be ever doing actions.


The spirit of service must be ingrained in you. The spirit of service must be innate or inherent in you. There should not be a mere show. All service is empty if there is no love, affection, sincerity and Bhava. If you serve with Bhava and love, God is behind you.


Sankara, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed served. Janaka and Samartha Ramdas served. Serve, love, give. He who practises these instructions can live through hard times and bad days enlightened by heavenly ray.


Make others truly happy as you strive to make yourself happy. Speak a helpful word. Give a cheering smile. Do a kind act. Serve a little. Wipe the tears of one who is in distress. Render smooth a rough place in another’s path. You will feel great joy.

You do not need to possess enormous wealth. You can serve with your mind and body. Serve daily, serve till the end of your life. Do not stop serving even when you become a famous yogi.


Give, Give, Give in plenty, in humility and with joy. Thus in the very process of giving enrich yourself too. If a man, who has not removed jealousy, back- biting, hatred, pride, selfishness says “I am meditating for six hours daily,” it is all nonsense. There is no hope of getting into a meditative mood even after a year unless a man removes all these Vritti’s and purifies his mind first by selfless service at least for six months.


Excel in Service,
Expand in Love,
Advance in Knowledge

Service is Love in expression,
Love is concentrated Knowledge,
Knowledge is diffused love.


Give to the poor, the sick, the helpless and the forlorn. Give to orphans, he decrypts, the blind, the helpless widows. If you give, the whole wealth of the world will be yours. This is the secret of abundance and divine life. Therefore, give, give, give. You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give. Give in plenty, you will enjoy peace and prosperity. You will attain purity of heart. You can experience an indescribable thrill of divine ecstasy and spiritual bliss. This will give you tremendous inner strength.


Radiate thoughts of good-will and share what you have with others. Disseminate spiritual knowledge to one and all. Use material wealth, knowledge, spiritual wisdom that you possess, as a divine trust for the benefit of His children. Prayer takes you halfway to God, fasting to the door of His Supreme Abode, and charity procures your admission.


Doing abundant, spontaneous and unrestrained charity to relieve the pains of suffering humanity is an effective means to destroy negative traits. If you give, the whole wealth of the world will be yours. This is the immutable, inexorable law of nature.


I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.

Steve Jobs


பணக்காரணாக வேண்டுமானால் உழைப்பாளியாய் இரு

புகழ் பெற வேண்டுமானால் உண்மையாய் இரு

நண்பர்களை பெற வேண்டுமானால் தாராள மனப்பான்மையுடன் இரு

மெய்யறிவு பெற வேண்டுமானால் தர்ம சிந்தனையுடன் இரு

வேதனை அடையாமல் இருக்க வேண்டுமானால் நாவடக்கத்தோடு இரு

– விவேகானந்தர் பொன் மொழிகள்